Lead Pipe Replacement

Lead Water Supply

Why Replace Lead Pipes?
Lead is a toxic metal and although the water you drink will be treated by your local water authority small amounts of lead find there way into the water supply causing a number of health issues.

Restricting Your Water Flow
Regardless of the water pressure in the mains your lead supply may be restricting both the pressure and flow of water to your property. This is often due to the restricted bore of lead pipes.

How Do I know my supply is lead?
If your home was built before 1970 it is possible you have a lead supply and should consider replacing it with a new plastic water service, if you take a look where the pipe work enters your house, if it is not blue plastic there’s a good chance it may be lead.

Replacing your Lead Service
We can replace your lead water supply with a new plastic service from the highway boundary into your house with the minimum disturbance with trenchless moling equipment, giving you high flow and pressure and clean water. please give us a call for a free estimate 07973 857054