Moling Water Pipe

Moling Water Pipes

What is Moling?
Impact moling is a pipe replacement technique in which a pneumatic piercing tool is used to bore a hole underground without surface disruption caused by conventional methods of pipe laying such as trenching.

Is There Much Distruption to my property?
With moling the ground displaced has no effect on the surface area. There will be a small launch pit and a small reception pit, apart from this there is very little disruption. A mole will bore under most surfaces, lawns, driveways, paths, roads etc.

Replacing Water Pipework with a mole
If you have old pipe work supplying your property, copper, iron, lead or black plastic this may be easily replaced with new plastic by impact moling. We are able to replace your old water service from the highway boundary into your property with minimal excavation.

Costs of Moling
To replace your old water supply pipes with new blue plastic pipe work, costs will depend on the distance from the property boundary to the point of connection within your property. It is often far less expensive as moling is far quicker than traditional open excavation and reinstatement.

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